Activities and Services

Our services

We have a wide repertoire of scheduled daily activities which are taken place in our nursery school. Activities are carreid out jointly by children from 0 to 36 months, grouped by differents blocks by age.

Some of the activities we carry out are next:

Lunch service

Dining service with adapted menus for each child to cover all the nutritional needs. All our food is prepared in our nursery according with the guidelines provided by the parents.

Hiring by hours

Our nursery service is adapted to the personal circumstances of each family, offering the possibility of hiring it by hours.

Parties & Celebrations

Our nursery school celebrates all kind of parties and celebrations with complete events accompanied by themed entertainment for the little ones to make them have a great time.

Continuous schedule

For a greater comfort and adaptability for the parents of our students, our nursery school remains open without interruption.

Wide schedule

Our opening time ranges from 8.30 am to 8.00 pm, thus offering a wide schedule range to combine with all kind of parents’ job.

Multiple languages

We speak several languages at Piolín Nursery School. We work on initialization to Spanish language so that the little ones can start practicing with an essential language in their future.

Close and familiar

We offer a close and familiar treatment, which offers detailed information about each day of each child so that parents can monitor the educational evolution of their children.

Independent classrooms

Our nursery school has different independent classrooms in order to work each group of students, grouped by age, for the most proper learning and development.