Educational project

Our educational project

The stage in which the first cycle of Infant Education takes place is fundamental in a child's life, as depending on the stimuli he/she receives from the adult and his/her environment, he/she will be able to develop to a greater or lesser degree certain potentialities. we are born with.

Objectives for the 0-3 stage

Build their own identity and form a positive and adjusted self-image, gradually becoming aware of their emotions and feelings through knowledge and appreciation of their own characteristics, their possibilities and their limits.

Acquire autonomy in carrying out their usual activities and in practising basic health and well-being habits, and develop their capacity for initiative.

Observe and explore their physical, natural, social and cultural environment, generating interpretations of some significant phenomena and facts in order to know and understand reality and participate in it critically.

Establish satisfactory social relations in increasingly wider areas, taking into account the emotions, feelings and points of view of others, as well as gradually acquiring guidelines for coexistence and strategies for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Understand and represent some logical and mathematical notions and relationships related to everyday life situations, approaching problem-solving strategies.

Represent aspects of the lived or imagined reality in an increasingly personal way and adjusted to different contexts and situations, developing communicative competences in different languages and forms of expression.

Use oral language in a way that is increasingly appropriate to different communication situations in order to understand and be understood by others.

Approaching reading and writing through texts related to everyday life, valuing written language as an instrument of communication, representation and enjoyment.